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Brown Street Bridge & Approaches


In August 2014, Hazell Bros appointed Brown Contractors for a civil works project in Caboolture as part of a 5.5 million dollar development for Moreton Bay Regional Council. The project required provision of earthworks and road pavements for the construction of bridge approach road works and associated intersections.

Project scope

  • bulk earthworks
  • road excavation
  • embankment construction
  • unsuitable and sub-grade treatments
  • sub-soil drainage
  • landscape preparation
  • unbound pavement construction


  • 25 crew (incl. project engineers, skilled machinery operators, labourers)
  • 12000 cubic metres of unsuitable material excavated
  • 6000 cubic metres of road embankment
  • 5000 tonnes of 300mm rock subgrade
  • Owned equipment: GPS graders, GPS excavators, water trucks, rollers, tippers


This project is on track for successful delivery, on time and under budget.



Located in a wetland environment, the site posed challenges including soft ground, endangered platypus habitat and complex drainage. Nearby urban areas featured underground services such as water mains, sewerage and telephone/electrical lines, which required identification and workarounds during excavation and construction. By adhering meticulously to the Hazell Bros environmental management policy and systems, Brown Contractors successfully passed daily audits conducted by both Hazell Bros and Moreton Bay Regional Council.  


The project involved highly detailed bulk earthworks, with a frequently changing construction program due to evolving client requirements. This necessitated a high degree of flexibility to accommodate other subcontractors whilst adhering to a tight timeframe and ensuring optimal quality standards.  

Value Added

Engineering expertise

Provision of an onsite Project Engineer to assist with the development of staging plans for the construction of two roundabouts under live traffic. This additional support to several key stakeholders provided an enhanced level of responsibility and accountability, streamlining the project delivery.

Local participation

Engagement of local subcontractors within the Moreton Bay regional area, supporting the local economy while minimising transportation and labour costs. Strategies included sourcing local suppliers for general consumable materials, such as tyres and fuel.  

Cost efficiencies

Negotiation with local suppliers to ensure maximum value. Engineering of an alternative pavement design that saved money on gravel material supplies.

Compliance and QA

With a comprehensive understanding of the quality management systems implemented by Hazell Bros in order to adhere to the head contract requirements, our engineers were able to assist in the timely coordination of all hold points, material compliance testing and surface conformance checks in order to achieve practical completion without compromise. 

Safety Record

Zero Loss Time Injuries recorded to date. 76 days LTI free

“We could never question your quality.” – Josh Ryan, Hazell Bros Project Manager